3S Cloud2B

3S Cloud2B — providing access to computer performance and data storage space in 3S Data Center secure environment with accessibility guarantee (SLA)

We chose 3S Data Center due to the complexity of their solution and attractive terms, adapted to our needs and resources.
Marcin Czerwinski, IT Director, ID Logistics Poland S.A.

We offer solutions based on Public and Private Cloud:

3S Public Cloud — shared server and network infrastructure along with dedicated disk space. Scaling service in accordance with high specification demands of the Customer based on VMware virtual platform. Service performed in HA environment with one of the highest SLA levels in Poland = 99.95% per year.

3S Private Cloud — server and network infrastructure specially allocated for the Customer. 3S Private Cloud is designed and constructed each time in accordance with specific expectations of the Customer.

Basic advantages of
3S Cloud2B:

  • optimisation – reduction of operational costs,
  • platform made available to business customers only – no possibility of purchase by anonymous users,
  • services available in subscription model – no need of incurring the costs of purchasing IT infrastructure,
  • SLA parameters guaranteed under the contract,
  • wide package of additional services, i.e.: administration of resources, licencing, extra disk space, backup policies, telecommunication,
  • services provided in IaaS / PaaS model,
  • legal security – the location of cloud services on the teritory of Poland,
  • surveillance over the systems, help desk – availability of duty engineers in 24/7/365 mode help desk.
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