3S is a group of companies which belongs to the telecommunication sector and which operates its business activity in the south of Poland. 3S owns a fibre-optic infrastructure which is over 2700 km long and the data center which is the largest one in this region; it is operated by 3S Data Center.

If you are looking for a professional and secure data processing center for your IT devices – try out 3S Data Center – the most modern and one of the largest clusters of data centres in the south of Poland.

We observe the world of telecommunication. We follow trends. We are one step ahead in the future. We have built one of the largest and the most modern data center in Poland.
Zbigniew Szkaradnik, President of 3S Data Center

3S Data Center cluster in numbers:

  • 2.675 m2 of colocation area
  • 3 autonomous data centers: DC1, DC2, DC3
  • 9 separate modules within two buildings
  • over 500 pairs of optic fibres supplied to the cluster
  • 660 cabinets for server colocation
  • over 2000 km of 3S own fibre-optic network
  • 24/7/365 surveillance
  • SLA up to 99,999%

The business makes a very professional impression.
IBM Data Center Auditors

PEOPLE devoted, qualified team, trained directly by manufacturers of solutions applied by us, also abroad, competences ascertained by certificates

RELIABILITY failure-free power supply achieved upon the start-up period, IBM Deutschland audit carried out in 2013

SAFETY at numerous levels: physical, energy, environmental one

TRUST satisfied and loyal Customers from the most demanding sectors

FINANCES high initial capital, stable shareholding, right of ownership to the land where the data center is erected

Power supply:

  • energy supplied in 4x2 model: two power supply lines, two autonomous physical routes, two different suppliers, two electrical substations,
  • maximal transmission possibilities of power lines up to 23 MW,
  • redundant generators,
  • under performance: additional gas line used as another power source,
  • autonomous UPS backup systems in 2N redundancy,
  • two autonomous power supply routes for each cabinet.

Physical and environmental safety:

  • fenced area, monitored by certified security agency in 24/7/365 mode,
  • located beyond industrial and flood zone, situated on one of the highest points in Katowice,
  • 4 security zones,
  • access control system with ongoing archiving, additionally, access to the Personal Data Zone secured by biometric system,
  • monitoring and surveillance of duty engineers 24/7/365,
  • high quality CCTV 24/7 surveillance system inside and outside the facilities,
  • SCADA - modern system of Data Center Infrastructure surveillance,
  • professional system of fire and smoke detection based on optical and temperature sensors,
  • early smoke detection system VESDA,
  • each room in DC1, DC2 and DC3 is a separate extinguishing zone,
  • automatized systems of extinguishing by neutral gas with professional acoustic silencers,
  • precise air-conditioning in N+1 redundancy based on freon and ice water, freecooling,
  • guaranteed environmental parameters: temperature and humidity,
  • modules arranged in the system of warm/cold corridors.


  • over 500 pairs of optic fibres supplied to the facility along 4 different routes,
  • presence of the largest telecommunication operators, among others: Level 3, Orange, ATM, Netia, GTS, Exatel, P4 (Play),
  • Internet Exchange Points: redundant contacts from PLIX, DE-CIX and TIER 1 telecommunication operators.


First and foremost is the fact that the service is error-free.
Michał Okon, Account Director EMEA, Level 3 Communications


Our utmost advantages are as follows:

  • 3 types of fuels (electricity, natural gas, diesel) - guarantee the reliability in Data Center operation.
  • 3 power supply lines (two medium voltage lines, gas line, the contract for a constant supply of fuel to power generators) - guarantee the independence from power outages.
  • 3 energy storages (UPS with batteries, compressed gas cylinders, fuel tanks) - guarantee the continuity of power supply and the availability of energy at 100%.

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